About Keira

There was once a girl. She loved to play in her mother’s fabric cupboard and she dreamed of creating beautiful things. She’d sit and watch intently as her mother’s sewing machine hummed and the needle worked its magic. She brimmed with delight as clothes, bags and even toys appeared before her eyes. She was in love with fabrics, cotton reels and sewing patterns before she could even talk.

One day she picked up a needle and thread. She found some old fabric and patiently set to work, her tongue sticking out in concentration. An hour later she emerged, triumphant! Her new shoes were so beautiful to her she could hardly keep her excitement in. Her mother beamed with pride as Keira appeared in the doorway, the fabric around her feet loosely held together with enormous stitches. She knew the look on her daughter’s face for she recognised it in herself. Sheer joy and love for the creative process.

When you buy a Keira Graham creation, you can be sure that it’s been handmade with the same love, attention and sense of wonder as that very first pair of shoes.